Categories of Human Rights Violations Committed Under the State of Emergency

The types and severity of human rights abuses during the mass purges continues to increase. The categories and examples of abuses include the following:

Wrongful Detention: Tens of thousands of civilians were detained and then arrested not for involvement in the attempt but for being affiliated with the Hizmet movement, a classic case of “guilt by association.”

Inhumane Detention Conditions and Torture: Denial of access to personal hygiene and medical needs. Piling of detainees in small spaces without air conditioning. Credible reports of torture including beating and rape.

Verbal and Physical Abuse Outside of Detention Centers : A Hizmet-affiliated hostel was attacked by an angry mob of demonstrators shouting slogans in support of President Erdoğan and threats and abuse against Fethullah Gülen and Hizmet sympathizers.

Violation of Right to Travel: Passport cancellations. Passports of thousands of individuals were cancelled, making them unable to leave the country and sometimes separating families across continents.

Denial of Lawful Employment: Government employees are fired without an investigation and they are denied positions in any other government agency. Private companies offering employment to such individuals are monitored and threatened. Professional licenses of teachers and other professionals are canceled. School diplomas of professionals are invalidated.

Defamation, Humiliation and Slander: Media smear campaigns against foundations, companies and individuals continue on pro-Erdoğan media.

Denial of Right to Due Process: The requirements of the due process according to Turkish legal code are violated during the prosecution of Hizmet sympathizers.

Denial of Right to Legal Defense: Lawyers accepting to defend Hizmet-sympathizers are routinely threatened, detained and arrested. Their offices are raided.

Violations of Private Property Rights: Private properties of Hizmet-sympathizers are taken away through multiple mechanism such as appointing trustees, confiscation, and sale to third parties without consent of owner.

Violations of Family: Family members of wanted individuals, including wives, mothers and fathers are detained and sometimes arrested. Children are threatened. Parents are threatened with placing their children in government child-care agencies despite presence of relatives.

Violation of Right to Shelter: Apartment building governing boards are pressured to evict Hizmet-sympathizers.

Violation of Right to Information: Information about detained or arrested individuals are denied to other family members.

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