We are beyond the limit

It is nonsence to discuss whether the "Hizmet movement" is good or bad or is mistaken. The political approach "We are correcting lawlessness" has been transformed into an annihilation campaign.

We need to look at these issues of political destruction more seriously "even though it is a small group."

A bank which is known to be close to the Hizmet Movement was handed over to the government. Someone will use other people's savings and property as their own as if that were a normal thing.

Thus, all of us will watch how someone else's money and property is confiscated and used according to one man's own whim. While others will keep silent by saying "nothing should be to my property."

The present situation

Legal limits have already been left behind. We have coming close to seeing the worthlessness of doing everything for those who are actually "close to the Hizmet movement" or even "sympathize with them."

It is free to curse them.

Slander them too.

You are free to dismiss them.

Or make a road in the middle of their factory.

Do not hesitate to damage their school.

And take over their banks.

You are free to make false statements as much as you want when you talk about them.

Moreover, you can be proud of "eradicating them" and "getting into their lair."

You are free to plunder their possessions.

In brief, we are at a level where "Is this man close to the congregation? Then you can do whatever you want."

For one and a half years, a group of people has been cursed endlessly.

Can you imagine what is happening to. the mental state of the young children of people who are close to the movement?

Someone wants to isolate the members of the movement like they've got the plague.

Almost "everything is permissible to deal with the Hizmet Movement."

Obviously someone said "it is legitimate to deal with the Hizmet Movement."

So, what should we name it?


We cannot soothe sufferings. Many groups in Turkey have attracted great pain.

However, we are moving toward a point where "you can do whatever you want, as the Hizmet Movement's properties are halal."

Their freedom is restricted, their goods seized arbitrary...

It is free to revile and ridicule them on TV as if members of the Movement are slaves from a lower caste who have no rights!

The Hizmet Movement has made mistakes in the past. But today's situation already surpassed the level of the legally taking account of errors.

A group of people is shown a target in the planned and hate speech.

It is not a simple to "take a part of such things and keep silent."

You have to remember that after a time, a kind of violence against a mass becomes "sick pleasure." Now some people will continue doing this work just for the pleasure of it.

Even if they have some mistakes and even if you hate them, it is moral collapse to keep silent while a kind of destruction campaign is organized against a human group.

Two determinations

Firstly, over the last one and a half years, the Hizmet Movement does not abandon civil and legal ground in spite of this hate campaign. Even if their property is looted, they response is only civil and legally.

Secondly, as the issue has exceeded "punishing the errors of the people who are close to the Hizmet Movement," after everything that the Hizmet Movement has been damaged by, this will make Turkey more unlivable. The country would be going to the darker state, even though they are destroying a human group "politically."

Because it is an old rule: "You cannot harm an innocent man without departing from the law!"

Therefore, the hatred of the Hizmet Movement would throw Turkey to a dark pit probably that now we can not estimate.

The last word: Try to stay clean, not to win or lose in a bad time!

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