An Interview with Fethullah Gülen in The Muslim World

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What is the Relationship Between an Individual and the State, According to the Teaching of Islam? What is the Place and Function of an Individual Within a State? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
What is the Islamic Understanding of "State"? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
Is it Possible to Reconcile Islam with Democracy? How do You See the Lack of Democracy in Many Muslim Countries, and do You See this Lack of Democracy as a Deficit for Muslim Nations? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
In a Time When Political Islam has Become Very Popular, What Are Your Thoughts on the Relationship Between Islam and Politics? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
Thinking of the Fast Development in Our World, do You Think that the Caliphate Could be Re-established? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
Many Writers in the United States and the West Relate the Development of the West to the Renaissance. Is it Possible for There to be a Renaissance in the Islamic World? Is a Renaissance Necessary? What Are Your Thoughts? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
For Centuries, the Muslim World Has Not Produced Many Great Intellectuals. What Might be the Reason for this? Is it Possible to Have an Intellectual Rebirth? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
The Subject of Ijtihad (Independent Reasoning) Dr. Z. Saritoprak
The Relationship Between Men and Women in Islam is One of the Controversial Topics Debated in the Modern Day. What are Your Thoughts of The Place of Women in Society? Dr. Z. Saritoprak
In Our Modern Day, the Relationship Between Islam and Terrorism is Greatly Debated. Can Terrorism be Considered a Way of Struggle for Freedom? What is the Islamic Alternative to Terrorism and Struggle? Dr. Z. Saritoprak