Fethullah Gülen Is Progressive in Education

As far as I saw, these schools are giving secular education. I visited many of them to see whether they are Muslim missionary institutions established on Islamic standards and pursuing an Islamic unity. I saw that they are not. Students are raised very well. [Uzeyir Garih, businessman from the Jewish Community of Turkey, Hurriyet daily, 11/04/96]

Fethullah Gülen and Lenin
by Mehmet Altan

In Moscow, I visited Lenin's mausoleum. According to me, this was a contradiction, for I went there to visit the schools opened by Turkish businessmen.

The students in Turkish schools are being educated in English, Russian, and Turkish. They are boarders. The teachers, all of whom are very young, graduated from good universities in Turkey.

We encountered children singing Turkish pop songs. Two mothers in St. Petersburg told us that they preferred those schools because they were giving education in English protected students against evil habits. [Sabah daily, 1/22/98]

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