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Journalists and Writers Foundation Publications was founded at the end of 1998 and has given readers eight books to date. Trying to broaden the spectrum of our cultural world that has been confined to one dimension and accustomed to monologue, our publications so far have basically been books containing the papers and discussions from scientific meetings coordinated by our Foundation.

The following are books that have been published so far:

1. Abant Meetings 1 – Islam and Laicism

2. Fethullah Gülen in the Mirror of the Media

3. Notes Left to Time 99

4. Aykut Kazancigil, Science and Technology in the Ottoman Society

5. From the Clash of Civilizations to Dialogue

6. Orhan Atalay, Living Together According to Eastern-Western Sources

7. Abant Platform 2 – Religion, State and Society

8. Tolerance in the Ottoman Society

After publication of Osmanli'da Hosgöru, which is still at press, books from all foundation activities will continue to appear among the Journalists and Writers Foundation Publications.

Horizon Books

Horizon Books, which has recently been created in the Foundation, will publish mainly copyrighted books and translated works. Presenting Turkey's rich cultural heritage in the most unusual and varied way and in a style of quality, Horizon Books will present the reader with the works or selections from the works of today's important men of science and culture and literature.

Two series in two stages are under consideration:

The first series will be published under the of Those Who Gave Direction to Turkish Culture in the 20th Century, and selections from the works of the author will be included. The first books of the series will be:

1. Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, prepared by Umit Meric Yazan and by Selma Karisman

2. Peyami Safa, prep. by Besir Ayvazoglu

3. Necip Fazil Kisakurek, prep. by Orhan Okay

Other books to follow in this series:

1. Yahya Kemal, prep. by Hilmi Yavuz

2. Kemal Tahir, prep. by Halit Refig

3. Mehmet Akif, prep. by Ahmet Kabakli

4. Cemil Meric, prep. by Mustafa Armagan

The 20. Yuzyilda Turk Kulturune Yon Verenler series will continue with new books to come in the years ahead.

Three volumes of Professor Mehmet S. Aydin's articles have an important place among other books that will be published in the Horizon Books series. The first volume is composed mainly of articles on Western philosophy and is entitled From the World to God. The second volume is comprised of articles on Islamic Philosophy and the third volume contains articles on Islam's Current Issues.

Also, The Ottoman State and Its Place in World History, a book edited by Kemal Karpat that is comprised of articles by a line of world famous historians from Arnold Toynbee to Halil Inalcik, and Studies on Ottoman Thought by Professor Bekir Karliga will take their places among Horizon Books.

A new Magazine is BornNew Age

Our foundation's new magazine, New Age, will appear quarterly. Although it has its academic side, New Age is a magazine that is not cut off from current issues, doesn't compromise on quality and is top-level but not snobbish. We believe that with its special characteristics like a powerful staff, interesting case topics every issue and the platform for free discussion it will develop, New Age will become one of the favorite magazines in the world of Turkish thought.

The first issue has been devoted to an account of this century. An evaluation of the last century, focused on Turkey, and an auto-critique will be made in such areas as religion, society, science, thought, art and economics.

Rain Magazine

Rain is constantly renewing and developing its layout and contents, and the 6th issue presents high-quality articles, essays, interviews and studies to the reader. The strong efforts of our writers and the desire of the Rain staff, working day and night, to bring you new material make themselves seriously felt in this issue.

Rain entered the year 2000 with a unique and wonderful article about poetry. It's as if this millennium will breathe with poetry and this hope is whispered in our ear…

After that, while Mustafa Armagan's article, which examines Post-modernism and beyond, points to change on the horizon, it indicates that change will be directed towards essence and roots. Turgut Cansever reveals the beauty of poetic rhythm and the secret of line in architectural works in his article.

Erol Denec Bey's talk on Fantastic Realist Art relates the message of what can be done through the language of pictures and how variations of the truth can be presented to people. William Barrett's article entitled "The Mystery of Heidegger" presents truths about the Martin Heidegger mystery that will blow our minds. Rahsan Gurel contributes an academic air to Rain with her study on Fuzuli.

Edibe Sözen discusses the topic of Mothers and Motherhood Disintegrating in a Mediatic Culture with her intricate and distinguished style and broad perspective. In "Memoirs from İbnul Emin Mahmut Kemal İnal" Dursun Gurlek leads us to sometimes think very seriously and to sometimes laugh at his clever witticisms. The article on the theme of "Mother and Child in Sezai Karakoc's Poetry" adds color and grace to this issue of Rain. Many poems, especially Vahapzade's poem, add beauty and rhapsody to Rain's pages like serenades in accompaniment to the celebration of ideas and art.

Like a mild climate from beginning to end or a tapestry woven from thought and feeling, Rain opens a window to our real culture, art and literature. In the issues to come such windows and doors will open frequently. Without boring the reader and in a warm dialogue with him, much enlightenment and many bright worlds with pleasant atmospheres will be reflected through these vents.

With peace and love…

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