Hand in Hand for Happy Tomorrows

The Journalists' and Writers' Foundation celebrated its third birthday at the Lutfi Kirdar International Congress and Exhibition Center. The guests, irrespective of religion, race, or social status, created a tableau of social accord and tolerance, something that Turkey needs. The speakers agreed that tolerance and love are mandatory for not only Turkey, but for the whole world.

In his speech, Fethullah Gülen Hodja said: "For 1 or 2 centuries, our people have been pushed to 'swim in separate lanes' with different ideas. Today that period of differences is being experienced. What was to be gained by this? Was it gained? No. We were in friction with one another. We separated in order to solve the problem, but we didn't attain what we expected to. As a result, we lost our own paradise."

The guests at the meeting were:


State Minister Cemil Tunc, Minister of Agriculture and Village Affairs Musa Demirci, State Minister Namik Kemal Zeybek, M.P. Refaiddin Sahin, M.P. Cemil Cicek, State Minister Isilay Saygin, State Minister Gurcan Dagdas, YDP General Chairman Hasan Celal Guzel, Peace and Friendsip Party General Chairman in Thrace Isik Ahmet, Baskurdistan Public Education Minister Firdevs Husamettinov, M.P. Hasan Korkmazcan, M.P. Ali Coskun, M.P. Yusuf Ekinci, M.P. Cefi Kamhi, and M.P. Riza Akcali.

Actors, actresses, singers

Necla Akben, Emel Sayin, Guzide Kasaci, Fuat Guner, Ali Riza Binboga, Perihan Savas, Izzet Altinmese, Halit Refig, Mustafa Keser, Engin-Eser Noyan, and Ustun Asutay.

Journalists and writers

Alattin Kaya, Huseyin Gulerce, Fehmi Koru, Yavuz Bulent Bakiler (Poet, writer), Mehmet Dogan (poet, writer), M. Ruhi Sirin (Head of Children Foundation), Ayse Onal and her daughter Safak Pavey, Sahin Alpay, Seref Oguz, Ali Bayramoglu, former member of RTUK Ali Baransel and RTUK member Emin Baser, Ismail Killioglu (poet, writer), and Besir Ayvazoglu (writer).

Academicians, mayors and businessmen

Istanbul Governor Ridvan Yenisen, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Beyoglu Mayor Nusret Bayraktar, Sariyer Mayor Bahtiyar Uyanik, Esenyurt Mayor Gurbuz Capan, Izmir-Cigli Mayor Galip Goztur, TOBB President Fuat Miras, businessman Uzeyir Garih, businessman Ihsan Kalkavan, Prof. Toktamis Ates, Prof. Salih Tug, Prof. Nevzat Yalcintas, Prof. Suat Yildirim, Prof. Mim Kemal Oke, Huseyin Naci Orhan, Prof. Nur Vergin, Mustafa Keskin, Lawyers' Association President Necati Ceylan, Nuh Albayrak, Mehmet Kosker, Behcet Fakihoglu, and Sahin Ozer.

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