Dialogue Platform

The Journalists and Writers Foundation tried to present messages of tolerance and dialogue to the public. In 1999 these messages were shared with intellectual friends in the Dialogue Platform, which was held every Tuesday evening at the foundation center.

Experts on subjects ranging from the press to the economy, from politics to the arts, from diplomacy to defense and from history to law spoke freely at our Foundation before a distinguished audience in a warm atmosphere. The country's problems were debated; solutions and recommendations were made.

Our Foundation, which is proud to bring together enlightened people from every view in Turkey's heritage, is continuing the Dialogue Platform meetings that are attracting more interest and taking place on a broader spectrum every week. Our guests ranged from Altemur Kilic to Ilhan Kesici, from Ege Cansen to Nail Gureli, from Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to Mustafa Miyasoglu, from Gultekin Cizgen to Etyen Mahcupyan and Cenk Koray, from Izzet Sedes and Oktay Eksi to Gulay Gokturk and Cuneyt Ulsever, including Huseyin and Husrev Hatemi – all of whom gave talks to our friends.

A few of the distinguished people who honored our Foundation in 1999:

Izzet Sedes Our Media and Anecdotes

Ekmelettin Ihsanoglu The Ottoman Reality in the 700th Anniversary of its Founding

Husrev Hatemi Turkish Poetry from Yunus to Today

Gulay Gokturk The APO Event; The Kurdish Problem from the Perspective of a Globalizing World

Ismail Kara History and Superstition

Altemur Kilic Turkish Identity and Turkish Nationalism

Cuneyt Ulsever Media-Politics-Manipulation

Oktay Eksi Elections and the Media

Nail Gureli The Media and Politic's Place

Mustafa Miyasoglu The Turkish Novel

Gultekin Cizgen Science and Art During the Ottoman Period (Slides)

Huseyin Hatemi Freedom of Belief and Its Limits

Etyen Mahcupyan What's Going to Happen to This Country's Situation?

Cenk Koray God and Man

Ilhan Kesici Turkey in the 21st Century

Ege Cansen The Chemistry of Economic Development

Ahmet Selcuk Ilhan Poetry and Love

Prof. Cemal Kafadar Understanding the Ottomans

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