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First-Ever Comprehensive Biography on Fethullah Gülen 05 April 2019
Fethullah Gulen: I serve Turkey and God, the Most High 14 February 2019
Anwar Alam's Book on the Gulen Movement is Available for Pre-Order 28 January 2019
Fethullah Gülen's interview in Egypt and Indonesian media outlets 19 July 2017
Gulen admits meeting key figure in Turkey coup plot, dismisses Erdogan’s ‘senseless’ claims 18 July 2017 France 24
Turkish gov’t makes over 12,000 talks abroad to defame Gülen movement 14 July 2017 Stockholm Center for Freedom
One year on, new research uncovers Turkey’s coup bid staged by Erdoğan himself 15 July 2017 Stockholm Center for Freedom
Turkey’s post-coup purge and Erdogan’s private army 13 July 2017 Foreign Policy
Cleric Gulen says he would not flee U.S. to avoid extradition to Turkey 11 July 2017 Reuters
Fethullah Gülen reiterates no involvement in Turkey’s controversial coup attempt 12 July 2017 SCF
Cleric accused of plotting Turkish coup attempt: 'I have stood against all coups' 11 July 2017 Robert Siegel
A new report in Sweden reveals Erdoğan orchestrated July 15 coup in Turkey 05 July 2017
Schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria! 01 May 2017 Sophia Pandya
Interview with Paul Weller 01 May 2017 Ismail Tavaci
Inside Turkey's purge 13 April 2017 Suzy Hansen
UK Parliament: No evidence that Gülen, movement behind coup attempt 24 March 2017 Turkish Minute
Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish officials discussed removal of Fethullah Gulen from U.S. 24 March 2017 WSJ
Fethullah Gulen not behind failed Turkey coup 19 March 2017 Agence France-Presse
German spy agency chief says does not believe Fethullah Gulen behind Turkey coup attempt 19 March 2017 Reuters
How Erdoğan’s ruthless drive for more power is shaking a divided Europe 19 March 2017 Simon Tisdall
US House Intel Chair says ‘hard to believe’ Fethullah Gulen behind Turkey coup 20 March 2017 The Globe Post
Fethullah Gulen not behind failed Turkey coup: Germany 20 March 2017 The Nation
No evidence exiled Turkish cleric Gulen behind anti-Erdogan coup – German intel 20 March 2017 RT
German intelligence head: We are not convinced Fethullah Gülen is behind coup attempt 18 March 2017 Turkish Minute
Turkey’s plan to ‘camouflage’ its lobbying activities in the US 16 March 2017 Chuck Ross