The art of coexistence: Pioneering role of Fethullah Gülen and Hizmet Movement

The Hizmet (Gülen) Movement is one of the most influential initiatives that should be taken into consideration in this context. Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish Muslim scholar whose ideas have inspired and influenced many Turkish intellectuals, educators, students, businessmen, politicians and journalists inside and outside Turkey to establish schools, educational and intercultural centers, and humanitarian aids organization in more than one hundred fifty countries. Furthermore, it cannot be denied that the Hizmet Movement is of greatest interest to contemporary journalists and academics. It is currently the topic of numerous academic conferences, daily articles in major newspapers and conversations in social circles. Gülen is loved and praised by many Turkish people and others, but is also severely criticized by some people inside and outside Turkey.

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The Hizmet Movement and Its contribution to the global peace and tolerance İsmail Albayrak
Muslim-Christian dialogue: Nostra aetate and Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy of dialogue Salih Yücel
Islamic radicalism and Fethullah Gülen’s response Salih Yücel
Challenges in inter-religious dialogue: Initiatives and activities of the Gülen (Hizmet) Movement in Turkey İsmail Albayrak
The concepts of jihad and terror from the perspective of Fethullah Gülen İsmail Albayrak
Fethullah Gülen as a Spiritual Leader in a Global Islamic Context Salih Yücel
Istighna and ithar: Two forgotten principles of da’wah from the perspective of the Hizmet Movement Salih Yücel
A Muslim perspective on the ethical dimension of life in relation to its beginnings and end: With special References to the writings of Fethullah Gülen İsmail Albayrak