Gülen Conference in Indonesia

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "The Significance of Education for the Future: The Gülen Model of Education" was held on 19-21 October 2010 at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta. Below are the full texts of the conference papers.

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An Observation on the Gülen-Inspired Informal Education among Newly Converted Japanese Muslims Hisako Nakamura
Rationality and Enlightenment: A Comparison of Educational Reforms Promoted by Gülen Movement and Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Mitsuo Nakamura
Gülen’s Perspective on Education: Foundations of His Ideas and Actions Dr. Ali Ünsal
Glocalization of the Gülen Education Model: An Analysis of the Gülen-Inspired Schools in Indonesia Dr. Margaret A. Johnson
Gülen’s Educational Philosophy: Striving for the Golden Generation of Muslims Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman
Spiritual Role Models in Gülen’s Educational Philosophy Dr. Salih Yücel
Fethullah Gülen’s Ideas on the Relationship between Science and Religion Dr. Qamar Agha
How Do Gülen’s Educational efforts contribute to Global Peace Dr. Zeki Saritoprak
The Role of Education in Raising New Generations: A Case study of Chinese Muslim in Northern Thailand Dr. Suchart Setthamalinee
The Contribution of Islamic Scholarship to Democracy Dr. Muhammed Çetin
Gülen’s Idea of Education for Peace Prof. Dr. Maniruzzaman
Purposes of Education in the Light of Fethullah Gülen’s Teachings Prof. Dr. Leonid R. Sykiainen
An Alternative Pilgrimage: Teachers Doing Hizmet Abroad David Tittensor
Transformation of Philosophy and New Education for the Global Age Prof. Dr. Choi Woo-Won
The concept of mani ism (meaning by name) and mani harf (meaning by letter) as a comprehensive theoretical tool for educational philosophy and method and the importance and impact of the Risale i Nur in Fethullah Gülen’s educational out Mahsheed Ansari
Main characteristics of the Gülen movement and the importance of education in globalising world Prof. Dr. İsmail Albayrak
Social Revitalization through Promotion of Education: Socio-Historical Analysis of Islamic Education and Muslim Society in Pre-Modern Islamic World Dr. Masayuki Akutsu
Keynote speech for the International Conference on Fethullah Gülen at UI Prof. Dr. Gumilar R. Somantri
Fetullah Gülen's Idea on the Relationship Between Science and Religion Prof. Dr. Adama Diop
The Thinking Behind the Gülen-Inspired Schools Fr. Thomas Michel
Fethullah Gülen and Character Education in Indonesia Prof. Dr. M. Amin Abdullah
The Key Factors Behind the Success of Gülen-Inspired Schools Ahmet Orhan Polat