Contributions of the Gülen Movement

Fethullah Gülen

A conference entitled "Muslim World in Transition: Contributions of the Gülen Movement" was held at SOAS University of London, House of Lords and London School of Economics on 25-27 October, 2007. Below are full texts of the conference papers.

A .pdf version of the papers as a whole can be found at conference web site.

The conference will also examine the theological and intellectual contributions of Fethullah Gülen, situate him in the context of the modern intellectual history of Islam and discuss his own interpretations of the above central issues. As a religious intellectual and peace activist from Turkey, Gülen has influenced a whole generation of Muslims worldwide and inspired them to play an important role in charitable and educational projects and foundations. His aim has always been to bring out the universal mission of Islam, which is to serve people regardless of faith, colour, or national origin.

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Title Author
What Made the Gülen Movement Possible? Mustafa Akyol
The Influence of the Gülen Movement in the Emergence of a Turkish Cultural Third Way Marie-Elisabeth Maigre
The Fethullah Gülen Movement as a Transnational Phenomenon William Park
The Cultivation of Memory in the Gülen Community Marcia Hermansen
Fethullah Gülen: Kemalist and Islamic Republicanism and the Turkish Democratic Future Louis J. Cantori
Performing "Moral Opposition": Strategy and Identity in the Gülen Movement Mustafa Gurbuz
The Patterns of Interaction between Islam and Liberalism: the Case of the Gülen Movement Ramazan Kilinc
Changing Perspectives on Islam and Secularism in Turkey: the AK Party and the Gülen Movement Ahmet T. Kuru
Religion as a Source of Social Capital? The Gülen Movement in the Public Sphere Etga Ugur
Civility in Islamic Activism: Towards a Better Understanding of Shared Values for Civil Society Development Wanda Krause
"Islamic Puritanism" as a Source of Economic Development: Contributions of the Gülen Movement Selcuk Uygur
Social and Spiritual Capital of the Gülen Movement Talip Kucukcan
Turkish Muslims and Islamic Turkey: Perspectives for a New European Islamic Identity? Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi
Settlement and Competition Strategies of the Gülen Movement in France and Germany Emre Demir
The Gülen Movement as a Mechanism for Integration of the Muslim Community in Europe: Potentials and Constraints Fatih Tedik
Modern Ideals and Muslim Identity: Harmony or Contradiction? A Text Linguistic Analysis of Gülen's Teachings and Movement Gurkan Celik, Kate Kirk & Yusuf Alan
Robustness and Civility: Themes from Fethullah Gülen as Resource and Challenge for Government, Muslims and Civil Society in the UK Paul Weller
The Work of Fethullah Gülen and the Role of Non-Violence in a Time of Terror Steve Wright
Combatting Terrorism in Britain: Gülen's Ideas Asaf Hussain
A Sunni Muslim Scholar's Humanitarian and Religious Rejection of Violence Against Civilians Y. Alp Aslandogan & Bekir Cinar
Gülen's Contribution to a Middle Way Islam in Southeast Asia Muhammad Nawab Osman
Phnom Penh's Fethullah Gülen School as an Alternative to Prevalent Forms of Education for Cambodia's Muslim Minority Philipp Bruckmayr
Contributions of the Gülen Schools in Kyrgyzstan Ibrahim Keles
The Gülen Movement: Its Nature and Identity Muhammed Çetin
Islamic Prospects for Inter-Religious Dialogue: The Contribution of Fethullah Gülen Douglas Pratt